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Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters are terrific for privacy and light control as well as having great insulating properties. You will save on heating or cooling costs.Shutters can be fitted to in all kinds of configurations including hinged, sliding or Bi-folding options.

Timber Blinds

Timber blinds, also known as Linden, is a hardwood which is common in the temperate latitudes of the northern hemisphere.

Timber blinds are extremely versatile and will always be a beautiful decoration for any home and are very cost effective which gives them true value in the field of window furnishings.

Outdoor shutters(Flexi-fence)

Fixed louvers are permanently open which means that there is always ventilation while blocking line of sight. This is ideal for applications like enclosing an utility room, porch or Barbeque area.

We recommend Western Red Cedar for Exterior shutter, naturally decay resistant, tight grained and light weight, it is the perfect choice for Exterior shutters. Harvested from Canadian forests, Western Red Cedar is FSC certified sustaineable.

Exterior fixed louvre shutters have a timeless appeal, time adds characteristics to wood shutters that can not be simulated by synthetic products. As a wood shutter ages, the elements wear, the paint layers build. Each shutter takes on a personality of its own, giving a home unique character that plastic can only imitate.