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Maintenance Tips

Maintenance Tips

How To Maintain Your Shutters And Blinds

Plantation Shutters

Timber Shutters ? Dust when required with vacuum cleaner with soft brush attachment or with micro-fibre cloth or duster. If dirt is stubborn use soft damp ( not wet ) cloth soaked in water with a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid. Dry shutter with soft cloth. A periodic clean and polish or glitz furniture and surface polish used gently, will prolong the surface quality of your shutters. Do not use any harsh cleaning agents.

PVC Shutters ? as per timber shutters

Timber Venetian Blinds

In general, the vacuum brush or micro-fibre duster should be sufficient to clean these blinds.Should the dirt be more stubborn, a damp ? not wet ? cloth should be used to clean the slats.

Be careful not to wet the slats too much, especially around the cord holes. These holes Can not be sealed and the wood might absorb water and swell and contract causing the paint to crack. Micro-fibre fingers which fit between the slats and are a convenient tool to clean venetian blinds are available from hardware stores.

PVC Blinds ? as per timber venetian blinds

Find more information by downloading the following file:How To Maintain Your Shutters And Blinds.docx