Shutters Installation Tips

Shutters Installation Guide

Step 1 ? Linking The Frame.

Your frames are marked on the mitered ends to show which end links to which. top, left, right and bottom.
Place the frame lengths on the floor with the bow tie cuts on the back of the frame facing towards you. To avoid damage to your floor, place a small piece of packing cardboard between the hinge on the frame and your floor.
Tap a plastic bow tie fixing between 2 frame lengths, to link them together.

Step 2 ? Fixing The Frame.

Take the assembled frame and lift to window.
Place the frame in the position established when you measured.
Take a long screw and drill into one of the holes on the left hand side of the frame.

 Important! - If you have brick or concrete walls you may need to first drill a hole in the wall and insert a suitable wall fixing. When done, you can then fix the frame screw into this wall fixing.
Repeat the process, inserting one screw, loosely on the right hand side of the frame.

Step 3 ? Adjusting Your Installation.

You can now fix the remaining screws into the frame.
When done, raise and lower the panels if required by loosening the hinge screws (1) and moving the panels slightly.
When happy with the level, insert the hinge locking screw into the round hole on the hinge (2).

Finishing Touches

For inside mount installations, insert the wood plugs into the hole on the frame.
For outside mount installation with an L frame, place a small daub of filler into the frame hole.
If required you can run a thin line of filler or sealant between your shutter frame and your wall.
REMEMBER - we are here to help you. Please don?t start on something you?re not sure of. If there?s anything that you are not sure about please call us at The Wood Blind Factory for help on 08 8377 5200.

Find more information by downloading the following file:Installing-plantation shutters.pdf